• Miesian Plaza
    Miesian Plaza
  • Museum of Irish Literature
    Museum of Irish Literature
  • Peamount Healthcare - 100 Bed Ward Block
    Peamount Healthcare - 100 Bed Ward Block
  • Proton Beam Therapy and Inpatient Hospital
    Proton Beam Therapy and Inpatient Hospital
  • Sullivans Quay Cork
    Sullivans Quay Cork
  • Block 3 North Docks
    Block 3 North Docks
  • Trinity Business School, TCD
    Trinity Business School, TCD
  • NUI Maynooth Library Extension
    NUI Maynooth Library Extension
  • Aviva Stadium
    Aviva Stadium
  • Gibson Hotel
    Gibson Hotel

Scott Tallon Walker is a leading architectural practice that creates timeless, innovative and well-crafted buildings that enhance wellbeing, the public realm and the environment.

Scott Tallon Walker Architects was founded in 1928, and has its main office in 19 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, for over 70 years. With additional offices in Galway Cork and London we have built a reputation for designing award winning buildings and interiors.

We have a talented team of over 100 architects, technicians, planners and interior designers with a vast range of experience and knowledge.

Our projects span across a number of sectors: healthcare, offices, residential, sports, research and laboratories, higher education and conservation. The same level of rigor and precision is applied to the full range of challenges within these diverse projects. Regardless of scale, each project demonstrates a close relationship between technology and design: we seek to incorporate high-tech, sustainable solutions as an integrated part of our overall design strategy.






Years in Business



Our Services

Our practice is of a scale where we have both the substantial resources and the experience required to deal with projects across a range of key Sectors.


We believe that good design can have a positive impact on our lives and we are focused on developing ideas that promote a better way of living and working. Design is not just about visual impact: location, the surroundings, connection with the landscape around, light, the materials we use: these are all carefully considered.

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Interior Design

Scott Tallon Walker Architect’s Interior Design Studio provide design Solutions for the built environment with a focus on achieving Design Excellence. The success of our Designs is based on sensitive integration of Architecture and Interior, a high level of attention to detail, innovative use of materials and finishes, and most importantly, an understanding of our client’s needs and aspirations.

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Urban Design & Planning

Our approach starts by understanding the existing conditions and why they exist. This requires a quick and thorough analysis of the surrounding site context and its physical, social and economic character, to help identify the critical issues to be addressed. Using this analysis, we identify the constraints and opportunities that inform the planning process and which form the basis for design proposals.

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We provide added value to our Clients through the breadth of this experience and the in-house skills we have at our disposal.


We are a registered practice under the RIAI Accreditation Scheme for Conservation Architects and Practices, and carry out all our work on Protected Structures under the direction of our in-house accredited conservation architects, in compliance with the provisions of the ICOMOS Charters.


We recognise the potential of BIM to optimise the delivery of our design services, improving outcomes and realising value for money for our clients and are committed to a 'top down' approach to BIM implementation.


Fundamental architecture principles, such as building orientation, extent of glazing or shading, thermal mass of the structure, and pattern of ventilation are vital to providing a cost-optimal high-performance building which meets our client's needs.

Art in Architecture

The procurement route can vary from purchasing artworks through galleries, purchasing directly from the artist or commissioning site specific works. The commissioning of site specific works has enabled us to develop an expertise in the preparation of briefs and in the management of invited competitions.


Each project is approached from the clear first principle; to deliver compelling architecture for the present and future needs of our clients. We have experience in all building types, yet each project is a journey to the best design solution, a method suited to the constantly evolving 21st Century.


Design teams are handpicked by the Managing Director, Michael Tallon, based on the requirements of the individual project and the relevant expertise of the individual Directors and other designers. These individuals will have been chosen for their proven track record over many years in the practice, their creativity and attention to detail, and their delivery and management skills.

Working closely with the Directors are a younger generation of Associates who are central to the continuing evolution of the practice and provide a key role in the day-to-day progress of all projects. Teams are not shaped by specialisation of building type. Each team has a rich cross-section of projects – large and small. This diversity is good for creativity, innovation and motivation. The tight-knit nature of the teams also ensures personal service and close contact between the design team and the client, from the first meetings to the hand-over of the finished building.

Our ability to deliver excellent, client focused services is dependent on the calibre and commitment of our staff. The key to our success is to have committed people with the correct skills and competencies at all levels. Our strategy is to invest in developing team players and to equip them with the required skills for successful collaborative working.

— Michael Tallon

Managing Director
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