Text about STW


Design teams are handpicked by the Managing Director, Michael Tallon, based on the requirements of the individual project and the relevant expertise of the individual Directors and other designers. These individuals will have been chosen for their proven track record over many years in the practice, their creativity and attention to detail, and their delivery and management skills.

Working closely with the Directors are a younger generation of Associates who are central to the continuing evolution of the practice and provide a key role in the day-to-day progress of all projects. Teams are not shaped by specialisation of building type. Each team has a rich cross-section of projects – large and small. This diversity is good for creativity, innovation and motivation. The tight-knit nature of the teams also ensures personal service and close contact between the design team and the client, from the first meetings to the hand-over of the finished building.

Our ability to deliver excellent, client focused services is dependent on the calibre and commitment of our staff. The key to our success is to have committed people with the correct skills and competencies at all levels. Our strategy is to invest in developing team players and to equip them with the required skills for successful collaborative working.

— Michael Tallon

Managing Director