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Minister for the Environment John Gormley officially opened the new Department of the Environment offices in Wexford on Friday 18th June.

 Part of the Government’s decentralisation programme, the new offices already have more than 180 staff working on the new campus, with forty additional workers due to transfer over the next three months. The 6,500sq m curved building is on a wedge-shaped site sloping towards the Slaney estuary and was designed to be eco-friendly.
Minister John Gormley congratulated architects Scott Tallon Walker and Peter Dudley, the lead architect. “I have responsibility for promoting environmental sustainability, regulating building standards and promoting architectural quality. This building gives physical expression to these policies…High quality architecture and urban design have a real place in the pursuit of sustainability. I believe this building shows how we get it right when we invest in good quality design and high building standards.”

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Under the government policy of decentralisation, the Irish Department of the Environment was relocated to the town of Wexford, some 130 km south of Dublin city.

The brief for a new headquarter building for the Department sought an excellent working environment within an economic, efficient building which would be an exemplar of sustainable design in every respect. The design was also required to maximise the potential and address the challenges of the steeply sloping, scenic site.

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