Scott Tallon Walker



The promotion of environmental sustainability within our practice is one of the key principles central to our philosophy and design approach. The realization of responsible, dynamic, and environmental design is, we believe, central to the creation of healthy, uplifting buildings and environments that benefits us all as a global community. In a typical industrialized city 47of all energy is consumed by buildings, which are also responsible for half the carbon emissions. Everyone connected with the construction industry has a role to play to ensure that energy consumption and carbon emissions are reduced, however we believe, as architects, that we have a key role in leading this discussion and working with clients to deliver exemplar projects such as the Commissioners of Irish Lights Headquarters, McCann FitzGerald Headquarters, and the Point Village



At Scott Tallon Walker Architects we believe that significant reductions in CO2 emission cannot be achieved without rigor in building design. The building orientation, the extent of glazing or shading, the thermal mass of the structure, the pattern of ventilation and the natural convection of air within atria or facades is always considered to optimise the passive energy performance of the building. New technologies and materials, which can improve the energy efficiency of a building, are embraced, and as part of our ISO 14001 commitments materials are considered in terms of their re-cycling content, embodied energy and life cycle costing.


Sustainability Design Group

Within the practice a ‘Sustainability Design Group’ has been established to research new sustainable technologies and materials, as well as ensuring that projects are developed with a sustainable basis from inception with design ‘charettes’ being held at various stages to identify key opportunities. The ‘Sustainability Design Group’ and also acts as a forum for discussion within the practice, and ensures that the practices' knowledge base over the past 50 years is communicated and consolidated. We believe that sustainable design presents an opportunity, for both architects and clients, to innovatively apply new building practices and technologies to projects in order to control buildings’ environmental impact while increasing building efficiency and competitiveness.