Scott Tallon Walker


Healthcare Group

We are dedicated to enhancing the healing environment. Our Healthcare Group have unique insights into the healing environments, complemented by expertise in patient and family-centred design and the application of state of the art, high performance and cost effective technologies.


Interior Design Group

A broad spectrum of skills and design flair from within the company is always appointed to ensure that the delivered interior not only properly responds to the client’s brief, but creates spaces that everyone will find uplifting, efficient and comfortable.


Labs, Research and Technology Group

Charged with maintaining our knowledge of emerging trends in science and the way research is conducted, our motivated group ensure that our numerous research projects of national importance meet the demanding and precise standards without losing sight that such facilities should be uplifting spaces in which to conduct research.


Sustainability Group

Our long standing commitment to low energy design is further strengthened by a dedicated research group, who ensure that we continue to lead on sustainability in architectural design.


Tall Buildings Group

With ever increasing urbanisation, tall and mid rise structures are a growing part of our design portfolio, and our dedicated group maintains up to date knowledge of technical advancements and planning issues.


Higher Education / Further Education Building Design Group

Changing patterns of learning and the advancement in learning technologies are requiring new approaches to educational building design. The resultant new 'hybrid' buildings are providing facilities for academic, community and business use.

Our Practice is ideally positioned to tackle these design challenges having built up unrivalled experience in the design and procurement of educational facilities throughout Ireland and abroad. We focus on producing flexible, stimulating, inspirational and effective learning environments.


Urban Design and Planning Group

Stemming from our 40 year heritage in master planning, our interest and expertise has evolved to provide Urban Design excellence for the built environment of the 21st Century.

Our long portfolio reflects the shift in planning from large-scale campus design, through to brownfield redevelopment and urban regeneration.