Scott Tallon Walker

Carroll's Factory / Sustainability


The Carroll’s Factory represents Scott Tallon Walker’s commitment to creating buildings of quality that offer clients and building users spaces that are beautiful and durable. Like the RTE campus the focus in the Carroll's project was to design a piece of architecture that could grow to meet the needs of the client. This required adaptable and demountable structural solutions that responded to both the industrial typology and the site. The longevity of the unambiguous architectural design, a single structural bay in repetition, is confirmed by the restoration and refurbishment of the building for educational use by the Dundalk Institute of Technology. 

The refurbished scheme has been designed by Scott Tallon Walker as the original architects, which allowed us to adapt the building to function without compromising the existing architectural design. However, the challenge was to upgrade the building to contemporary standards of environmental design with a focus on thermal comfort and energy consumption. There was a substantial emphasis on the use of renewable energy systems with, for example, the Institute’s wind turbine being used to create ice banks at off peak times to reduce reliance on grid supplied electrical energy for air conditioning. 

A new biomass fuelled district heating system is also specified to supply heating requirements in a low carbon strategy. The development is an important element in the Dundalk 2020 Renewable Energy initiative being spearheaded by Sustainable Energy Ireland with the campus and adjacent areas at the centre of a new Renewable Energy zone.