Scott Tallon Walker

How We Work

Design Approach

Our growth and reputation since 1928 has derived from the desire to produce buildings of outstanding quality, suitable for their purpose, and employing the best materials and construction techniques. We strive to seek out the most innovative solutions to our client's design needs, with an all-encompassing scheme design. Our design teams and clients work closely in a spirit of collaboration, exchanging ideas and bringing about the most positive and imaginative design solutions.

Central to our design philosophy is the application of the most suitable and advanced engineering to the challenge, providing immediate order to our ensuing architectural solution. Responses to particular site restrictions and opportunities ensure buildings that are rooted in their receiving environment. Flexibility, ease of expansion and an economy of material remain core principles to the way we work, and are even more relevant today.

We prize quality of construction, and develop methodical modular detailed solutions to each project, that bring a rigour to construction and ensure ever increasing standards are achieved in our work.



Consistency in design and architecture has led to our company becoming the first architectural practice in Ireland to be awarded the ISO 9001:1994 Quality Mark by the NSAI. Subsequently, we have upgraded to ISO 9001:2008. We were also the first Irish architectural office to be awarded IS0 14001:2004 by the NSAI, which we have tailored to address both our own environmental responsibilities as an organisation, as well as our building design process. Achieving this standard is a strong statement of intent, ensuring a culture of environmental responsibility within our practice.

These systems of quality management are overseen and tested by internal and external auditors, ensuring that a thorough process is followed in every activity from initial concept to final completion.