Scott Tallon Walker

How We Work


Models communicate on many levels, encapsulating architectural design intent as a whole as well as being persuasive, beautiful objects in their own right. Model making has always formed an important step in our project design process and presentation.

Model Making as a design tool

The dedicated in-house modelshop facility at Scott Tallon Walker provides clients and designers alike with an economical and powerful resource to review projects in 3D at early stages of the design process.

Using traditional cutting, shaping and hot wire, we are able to produce many types of model from initial massing models to fully detailed. Materials range from timber through high density foam to colour acrylics. Models can range in scale from a 1:10000 masterplan to a full scale mock up of a detail.

Presentation and competition models

For detailed presentation models, we have worked for many years with a trusted stable of model companies. Using advanced technology to laser-cut a kit of parts from our computer drawings, they produce very high quality presentation models.