Scott Tallon Walker

Urban Design & Planning


Scott Tallon Walker Architects has a holistic approach to architecture, urban design and planning. Each project requires the capacity to work at different scales and levels of detail, taking an overall strategic view one moment, to zooming into the detail at the next.

Our approach starts by understanding the existing conditions and why they exist. This requires a quick and thorough analysis of the surrounding site context and its physical, social and economic character, to help identify the critical issues to be addressed. Using this analysis, we identify the constraints and opportunities that inform the planning process and which form the basis for design proposals.

Allowing flexibility for change and variety in terms of use and density over time is critical to good urban planning and design, as places are in a constant flux. Designing places that are easy for people to understand, move around, come together and have a sense of ownership, is essential to creating real communities. Designing the urban form, the architecture and the landscape in an integrated way is fundamental to creating attractive and meaningful high quality environments that people naturally relate to and enjoy.

Providing environmentally friendly services (energy, waste and water) is an integral part of the urban planning process. Reducing need through passive design, using renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and water, managing waste as a resource, as well as encouraging vegetation and biodiversity are all becoming cost-effective standard measures which we factor into the masterplanning process.

To deliver this, Scott Tallon Walker Architects has formed a highly experienced team of urban designers and planners. The team works in areas including strategic urban planning, urban design and place-making, as well as providing specialist input and support on projects within the firm, and have received international recognition for their work.