Scott Tallon Walker



We constantly progress the idea of purposeful aesthetics in all building types and scales. Industrial process buildings and the places people work should, we believe, have environments that are ideally optimised for the intended industrial process and be uplifting places to work.

Our solutions are often guided by the industrial production process. Indeed when The Irish Times relocated their printing operations from D’Olier Street in the centre of Dublin to a larger greenfield site on the outskirts, we embraced the printing process engineering and integrated the building design parallel to process design requirements providing optimum layout for equipment and operations.

Through our in-house Sustainability Group we encourage progressive sustainable methods and design developments with reduced carbon footprints. We incorporate natural day lighting into the core of our designs and prioritise the integration of all services and Building Management systems to ensure minimal energy losses from building fabrics.

On a wider scale, we see the need for all industrial uses to sit sensitively in the environments they engage with. Landscaping is seen as a vital design element which can give cohesion to masterplans and reduce the impact of large-scale buildings in rural and semi-rural locations.

All our building designs are flexible and are inherently adaptive to future expansion through the use of established modular construction methods. This approach has facilitated the expansion and alteration of a number of previous commissions, such as the conversion of the Carroll’s Building into educational use for the Dundalk Institute of Technology .

Through a fascination with process, and a rigorous attention to detail, the design of all industrial buildings is approached with a fresh eye with a view to raising client aspirations and optimising industry.