Scott Tallon Walker



Healthcare Design

Scott Tallon Walker Architects is a nationally recognised leader in healthcare planning and design. Whether they are planners seeking out new methods by which they can perfect the functionality and efficiency of a building or designers who feel something stir inside of them each time they realise the true power of a great design, the staff at Scott Tallon Walker are dedicated to enhancing the healing environment.

Healthcare Consulting

Scott Tallon Walker Healthcare is committed to helping our clients meet their goals for revenue, patient safety, patient and staff satisfaction, and health outcomes by providing customised solutions to facility planning, operational efficiency, capacity, workflow, and strategic planning challenges. We actively draw upon our professional knowledge of and experience in healthcare to transform exceptional aspirations into reality for our clients.

Our work reflects our unique insights into healing environments, complemented by expertise in patient and family-centred design and the application of state-of-the-art, high performance, and cost effective technologies.