Scott Tallon Walker



Scott Tallon Walker has the unique experience of having designed all the buildings for Ireland’s national broadcaster (Ireland’s RTE) throughout a fifty year period. The completion of the design stage of "Project 2025" for RTE in October 2009, a world class 50,000 sq.m. digital cross-media facility, is the latest stage in the ongoing development of the campus.

We travel extensively to study international best practice and are thoroughly informed in the ever advancing environment of communications technology. The expertise gained in relation to aspects such as digital broadcast technology, acoustics and sustainable servicing has been applied to the design of “Project 2025”.

This knowledge is added to the already significant experience in designing highly complex projects such as the Shannon Air Traffic Control Centre, Dublin Airport Air Traffic Control Tower and the highly innovative and sustainable Telecommunications Network Management Centre for Ireland’s largest telecoms company, Eircom, which received an RIAI award.

The cross-fertilisation of innovative engineering and excellence in architecture in each of these projects gives our practice a unique knowledge base to serve clients in the communications sector.