Scott Tallon Walker

Commercial Offices & Headquarters


Scott Tallon Walker Architects have established a wealth of experience and high reputation in the design and delivery of commercial office developments, covering headquarters buildings and campus developments for national and international clients. This experience covers a variety of sectors including financial services, computer technology, legal and public sector agencies.

The practice is constantly upgrading and developing its skill base to meet the ever-demanding and changing needs of the commercial office sector. Specialist groups have been established within the practice to advise on issues ranging from sustainability and masterplanning to interior design.

We meet challenges thorough a dynamic, skilled and innovative approach to design with an emphasis on teamwork at every level, recognising and understanding the needs of clients to achieve their business objectives, and responding in a proactive and flexible manner in achieving these objectives.

We see the critical objective in this process as being the creation of a building design which combines best practice and commercial viability. This is achieved through the pursuit of design excellence and innovation, the provision of a dynamic, attractive and flexible working environment for employees and all users, maximising use of natural day-lighting, sustainability both in construction and use, overall efficiency and the creation of a high quality working environment. We apply this objective equally to all our commercial projects, whether they are for the large corporate headquarters or the small/medium scale commercial fit-out project.

Scott Tallon Walker Architects are members of the British Council for Offices through which we maintain our position at the cutting edge of commercial office design standards and trends, thereby ensuring continued best service to our clients. Our commercial client base is extensive, much of it based on repeat business.

We have successfully delivered award winning commercial headquarters buildings in key locations for corporate clients such as Citibank , Commerzbank, Bank of Ireland, PricewaterhouseCoopers , Fortis Bank, A&L Goodbody and McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors, all of which have contributed to the regeneration of Dublin’s Docklands. We have also been responsible for the masterplanning and rollout of the commercial and mixed use regeneration of Dublin’s Spencer Dock. In addition, we have been responsible for the masterplanning, design and delivery of Dublin’s East Point Business Park which houses many of the world’s leading computer technology companies.

At Irish public sector level, we have successfully delivered commercial headquarters buildings for Dublin City Council and Fingal City Council, the state broadcasting company RTE , Enterprise Ireland , IDA , Eircom Networks , and the Department of the Environment.