Scott Tallon Walker




Niall Scott




Niall is a director of STW. He brings 50 years of experience at the forefront of architectural practice in the UK and Ireland to the critical appraisal of all projects undertaken by the practice, ensuring that all of our work continues to achieve the high standards of design and finish for which the practice has long been renowned.

His first hand experience with a wide variety of building types over many decades of practice, combined his extensive study trips to many of the best buildings around the world, enable him to make a valuable contribution to every project.

He has a particular interest in Sustainable Architecture and how each countries specific response may influence and generate a distinctive and identifiable architectural style.

Niall’s keen eye for quality and rigorous attention to detail, from the earliest stages of project co-ordination to the installation of final finishes, delivers buildings of exceptional architectural quality. His inspirational leadership drives the entire design team to aim for and achieve the very best quality and detail possible.

The recently completed Mater University Hospital represents the culmination of Niall’s 18 year involvement at the hospital, during which time his relentless focus on quality has delivered an inspiring and uplifting healthcare facility.

Niall’s appreciation of good urban design and the importance of responding to context was instrumental in our successful appointment to design the new Aviva International Stadium.

Always at the fore in developing our business, Niall spent 13 years as managing director of our London office before returning to Ireland to establish a new studio in Cork City. Latterly, he has applied his energies to building client relationships and growing our business in the Middle East.